Moraine Lake Sunrise

September 30, 2012 at 8:44 am


Take Highway 1 from Calgary and turn left at the Lake Louise exit. Then follows the signs for Moraine Lake.


I arrived at the parking lot just before 7am.  It was still dark and you could see the warm glow of the nearby lodge in the morning rain.

I made my way up the nearby rock pile to find a good vantage point and waited for sunrise. With the rain and cloud cover, I was beginning to worry that the light I was hoping for wouldn’t happen. Just in time though, the clouds parted enough to allow some amazing orange rays of light to hit the far mountain peaks across the lake.

It wasn’t long before the clouds returned and I decided to make my way down to the colourful canoes that always dot the lake shoreline.

Later in the day, weather cleared up and offered some fantastic views of some of the nearby peaks.