Lake Minnewanka by Night

November 12, 2012 at 8:07 am


Take Highway 1 from Calgary and turn right at the first Banff exit. From here follow the signs for Lake Minnewanka.


For the best results when doing astrophotography you want to ensure the following things:

  • Clear night.
  • As cold as possible.
  • No moon.
  • Drive as far away from any sort of city or town to avoid light pollution.
  • Shutter speed no longer than 600/focal length. This will ensure the stars do not trail.
  • If you have liveview, try zooming in 10x and manual focusing on the brightest star.
  • Aperture of at least F2.8 will help in keeping the iso low enough to avoid too much noise.

This particular night was nearly -20 Celsius. I parked half way across the dam and began to setup. Spent the next 40 minutes trying different compositions and exposures before the cold was too much and I decided to call it a night.