Chester Lake – Cross Country Skiing

  Follow me on instagram Location: Alberta, Canada Time: 3 Hours Weather: -8°C Elevation Gain: 310m Start Time: 8:30am Directions The trailhead is well marked, on the Smith-Dorrien/Spray Lakes Road, about 20km north of the junction of the Kananaskis Lakes Road in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. Story

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Rohr Lake Ski Tour

  Follow me on Instagram Location: BC, Canada Date: February 11th, 2017 - February 13th, 2017 Weather: -12°C Total Elevation Change: 650m Distance: 15km Round Trip Story We arrived at the lake just after sun down and made camp as some snow began to fall. We were pretty exhausted, so we dug the smallest [...]

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Cycling the Oregon Coast

  Follow me on instagram Location: Oregon, USA Date: June 3rd, 2016 - June 10th, 2016 Time: 7 Days Weather: 10-15°C Total Elevation Change: 4900m Distance: 595km Story We started on the western outskirts of Portland by assembling ours bikes from the transport bags. The plan was the head west and take the Nestucca [...]

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