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    Retro Night Basketball

    Gear Used: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital Camera (Body Only) Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM Lens Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Some friends dressed up retro and had a game of basketball one night. The game was outside and only had one net up against the brick wall of a […]

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    Grumpy Sarah

    Don’t wake Sarah up to early….

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    Maui Surfers

    A few shots from my trip to Maui last year that I forgot to post.

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    Calgary Stampede

    I took this a few years ago at the Calgary Stampede. You’ll need a tripod but long exposures of rides at night are a blast. To still get some texture/colour in the sky, I took this at dusk.

  • _L7C8599
    Frankie McQueen at Dicken’s Pub

    I shot these with the following lenses: 35mm 1.4 50mm 1.2 85mm 1.4 8-15 Fisheye All shots were without flash. FRANKIE MCQUEEN

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    Concert Photography

    I find my favorite lenses for small venue concert photography to be primes of 1.8 or faster. I usually bring a 35, 50, and an 85, if it’s a larger venue then a 135 as well. I like to shoot with no flash, especially if the lighting at the venue […]

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    These are some portraits I took of Sarah on our trip to Vancouver back in September. Both were taken in the Yaletown area of downtown with natural light only. I generally don’t like using a flash unless I have too. Taken with a 50mm at F1.2 Taken with an 85mm […]

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    Background Collection of shots from Saturday Halloween parties this year. Can you guess what everybody is?

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    Larch Valley

    Directions Take Highway 1 from Calgary and turn left at the Lake Louise exit. Then follows the signs for Moraine Lake. The trail head is on the right hand side of the lake. Background I took theses photos last year in the Fall on the beautiful Larch Valley hike. It is an […]

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    Light Painting with Sparklers

    Story (I Love my VW Rabbit) Again, no Photoshop tricks in the image other than colour toning. For this shot you need a dark space.  I used my garage with the lights off to minimize ambient light bleeding into the picture. I then setup my camera on a tripod and […]