Surfing Off the Coast of Oregon


Gear Used:


Oregon Map


With the Oregon coast 15 hours away from Calgary we left after work Thursday night to arrive around noon the following day.


We stayed in the small beach town Lincoln City for the next 3 days.



The latest trend in joke photos: ‘Vadering’. You have one person jump as high as they can and pretend to be choked Darth Vader style.


Pretty sure we had clam chowder about 5 different times over the next 3 days. Including one that came in an amazing sour dough bread bowl.



The next morning we had an experiment out of sheer laziness of not wanting to carry our surfboards down the stairs. Is it possible to lower it off the balcony…? Yes, yes it is.

_L7C3659    _L7C3659

_L7C3659    _L7C3659

Once we had the truck loaded up we headed 30 mins North to ‘Pacific City’ to surf.





There is a huge sandy hill on the North end of the beach and gives a great view of the beach looking South. Your even able to drive you vehicle right up onto to the beach!



With the water a balmy 53ยบF (12ยบC) we needed full wet suits that were 5.4mm thick and that also included boots. It was actually pretty amazing how well the wet suits worked. Apart from that first few waves that hit you in the face, it’s actually quite comfortable after a few minutes.




A sea of floating ninjas.









At the end of the day I walked the beach at sunset and took some photos.




On the drive back we stopped for some amazing chicken and waffles.


Nearing the end of highway 93 we spotted a young bear on the side of the road.



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  1. safi4775 May 26, 2013 at 10:58 pm - Reply

    just stunning ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Adrian Tregoning May 26, 2013 at 11:00 pm - Reply

    Great shots!

  3. valeriedavies May 26, 2013 at 11:06 pm - Reply

    Bear is best !!!!

  4. jennjaytales May 26, 2013 at 11:15 pm - Reply

    a surfing safari captured so beautifully – love all the comments and the photos are as always incredible Patrick!

  5. Filio Kondylis May 26, 2013 at 11:22 pm - Reply

    Wow. What an adventure. I now have a hankering for clam chowder, a wet suit and some waves.

  6. sukiesoriginal May 27, 2013 at 12:57 am - Reply

    A long drive, but what a beautiful place! I’m never going to take up surfing, but I’d love to walk along that beach some day and watch the sun go down over the far side of the Pacific. The two days we went to the coast on our PNW trip in 2011, it was foggy or wet and windy – we didn’t spend long admiring the waves, so we’ll have to aim for better weather ‘next time’!

  7. Stephen Hughes May 27, 2013 at 1:58 am - Reply

    Such a rewarding day surfing, and the hearty chicken and waffles to follow! – a bit bonkers seeing a bear though! (But I guess we don’t have bears here in the UK)!

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  9. joanfrankham May 27, 2013 at 5:17 am - Reply

    great photos, sounds like it was a great break…including the ‘calm’ chowder!

  10. Alastair May 27, 2013 at 5:18 am - Reply

    Wow! That’s one heck of a rock and one heck of a bear!

  11. Barbara May 27, 2013 at 5:29 am - Reply

    Cameras, film and clam chowder! Now that is a mix! All the photos are great. I love the bears. Looking forward to reading more…

  12. rosblogger May 27, 2013 at 5:29 am - Reply

    Great story. Great photos ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. einfachtilda May 27, 2013 at 5:42 am - Reply

    Fantastische Fotos!!!

  14. jd785 May 27, 2013 at 5:51 am - Reply

    Awesome photos!

  15. breeroberts May 27, 2013 at 6:35 am - Reply

    Oh now I’m longing for a beach. Any beach.

    Wonderful photos, thank you for sharing your adventures!

  16. bonsology May 27, 2013 at 7:09 am - Reply

    quite possibly your best post. You make me almost want to try surfing.

  17. silkpurseproductions May 27, 2013 at 7:27 am - Reply

    This was a fun long weekend adventure. I really enjoyed the post. Perhaps I will have to visit Oregon.

  18. Bill Snyder May 27, 2013 at 7:35 am - Reply

    It’s a post that I’ll remember for quite a while. The nature, sport and the personal all make a perfect pastiche. Thanks for sharing your calm chowder. What’s the recipe? I think I’ll try some everyday.

  19. Neal May 27, 2013 at 7:41 am - Reply


  20. Tania May 27, 2013 at 7:45 am - Reply

    Simply STUNNING!!!

  21. Brooke May 27, 2013 at 7:45 am - Reply

    You were in my neck of the woods! Pacific City is my favorite beach here in Oregon. Great photos from the journey.

  22. Wanderlust May 27, 2013 at 8:36 am - Reply

    great pictures and seems lika an amazing trip! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Rejoice For The Day May 27, 2013 at 9:08 am - Reply

    What an awesome trip captured so perfectly in photos!

  24. Rusha Sams May 27, 2013 at 11:39 am - Reply

    Love these pictures. I so want to get to Oregon — on my bucket list!!!

  25. happycitizen2 May 27, 2013 at 11:49 am - Reply

    So many of your photojourneys are my favs, but this one is in my own backyard and your ‘eye’ spot on, catching the character of this coast and town landmarks.

  26. USA PRESS STAFF May 27, 2013 at 12:05 pm - Reply

    This is my coast too, it’s highly polluted with nuclear waste, surfers advised to get de-toxic with natural means by eating organic pure foods grown by a trusted farmer not using roundup. I loved Mo’s before I knew they cooked soups in plastic and asked them not to do this, and before I knew they used GMO. You guys see Cape Kiwanda? I love to paint waves and seascapes of this area and Oregon, and all great waves.

  27. walter smith May 27, 2013 at 12:40 pm - Reply

    You guys rock…or should I say surf…. love the photos and would love the clam chowder even more. In celebration of all things nature, here is a video I created entitled Zen Nature | Landscapes for Well Being. Hope you guys enjoy it.

  28. Valorie Grace Hallinan May 27, 2013 at 12:41 pm - Reply

    What a beautiful post. Am heading to Oregon this summer, so your story makes me anticipate it all the more.

  29. mariaalegret May 27, 2013 at 12:47 pm - Reply

    great pics!

  30. Jennifer Bullis May 27, 2013 at 12:56 pm - Reply

    A terrific set of photos from your journey!

  31. multiplemichael May 27, 2013 at 1:03 pm - Reply

    WOW !!!

  32. nakitaaudrey May 27, 2013 at 2:10 pm - Reply

    You’re such a talented photographer. Thank you for sharing your photos!

  33. kiwiskan May 27, 2013 at 2:19 pm - Reply

    fabulous shots!

  34. Marie @ MyMomThoughts May 27, 2013 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    Amazing shots! I loved seeing the pictures of the Oregon coast. I knew you had been to Mo’s the second you mentioned eating clam chowder in a delicious sourdough bowl. I miss the coast so much and I respect all those idiot ninja surfers going into the water when it is always cold in Oregon at the beach. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. benj May 27, 2013 at 4:50 pm - Reply

    Such great story telling through the photos! Amazing shots mate!!!

  36. ideflex May 27, 2013 at 5:18 pm - Reply

    Another great adventure – next stop: surfing in Tofino!

  37. LubbyGirl May 27, 2013 at 5:32 pm - Reply

    Betcha got clam chowder at Mo’s! Good stuff there. I love this area (very near our home), great for a day trip.

  38. LB May 27, 2013 at 6:13 pm - Reply

    Patrick, I enjoyed this post. The photos of course were great, but I also loved the story … the clam chowder, lowering the boards over the railing, the bear … excellent!

  39. Verra nice shots! Chicken and waffles? Okay. I’m asking for that when my birthday rolls around. lol

  40. John May 27, 2013 at 7:34 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the follow, Patrick!

  41. Crystal M. Trulove May 27, 2013 at 9:11 pm - Reply

    Love that evening sun in the beach shot. Welcome to Oregon! Looks like you couldn’t have picked better fun and better friends. So lucky to see the bear ! The one with the bear looking head on is incredible.

  42. dawn May 28, 2013 at 2:13 am - Reply

    very nice photos and scenes…

  43. Heather May 28, 2013 at 8:42 am - Reply

    what a fabulous time you must have had…the pictures are fantastic!!! the water looked very cold and rough…yes I know the waves are what you went for ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Cynthia Mackowick May 28, 2013 at 10:09 am - Reply

    Great fun! – Wonderful post and images as always.

  45. clisawork May 28, 2013 at 12:40 pm - Reply

    As always – great pictures. I have been to the Oregon coast. It is one of my favorite places.

  46. AlwaysMe1 May 28, 2013 at 9:28 pm - Reply

    Love seeing my Oregon beaches photographed so beautifully. I grew up going to the Lincoln City beaches and it’s one of my favorite places. Though I don’t know if I ever saw anyone surfing because the coast is usually very cold. I do hope you guys stopped at the Tillamook cheese factory when driving through.

  47. Jim Brennan May 28, 2013 at 9:43 pm - Reply

    Gotta have it!

  48. ReneeLytle May 29, 2013 at 8:56 am - Reply

    I haven’t surfed here in too long! These pictures are gorgeous.

  49. gradabout May 29, 2013 at 10:03 am - Reply

    Oregon looks like a BEAUTIFUL place to surf! Wow, it is now on my list.

  50. Wonderful images. I was at that beach last fall and the surf was very rough!

  51. eranfaraway May 29, 2013 at 8:29 pm - Reply

    Great shots! Just a few more miles South and we might have bumped into each other!

  52. Antoinette Clinton May 30, 2013 at 11:32 am - Reply

    I love the shots of the ocean…fantastic work!

  53. Anne Campagnet-Reed May 30, 2013 at 1:31 pm - Reply

    Thanks for following my humble blog. I really like this post. I remember Lincoln City well–it’s fun & quirky & full of kites. Great surfing and beach pix, and how did you get that close to the bear? Wonderful shots.

  54. Orsacora May 30, 2013 at 1:37 pm - Reply

    lovely trip! and great photos!

  55. islaberet May 30, 2013 at 2:30 pm - Reply

    Your pictures are amazing, they speak volume about your trip! Great work

  56. dcreates01 May 30, 2013 at 2:48 pm - Reply

    Love the Oregon Coast. I haven’t been in a while and its nice to see pictures of familiar places, especially ones I didn’t take. I need to go back.

  57. gejst May 30, 2013 at 2:56 pm - Reply

    Looks like a very funny and nice trip, and the Vader picture is really cool!

  58. beckarooney May 31, 2013 at 1:50 am - Reply

    Heya thanks for following my blog, and leading me to yours. Your photography is seriously amazing, I look forward to reading more! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  59. kelihasablog May 31, 2013 at 7:19 am - Reply

    These are all very cool, but I love the bear’s expression in the last one…LOL. It’s like, “You want me to stand like this?” LOL Looks like y’all had fun with an amazing side experience of wonderful photos! ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. eddietheauthor May 31, 2013 at 8:41 am - Reply

    Thanks for checking out my blog. We had fun at Lincoln City and Haystack also! Did you eat at Pacific Restaurant? Please also enjoy my novels:

  61. May 31, 2013 at 10:37 am - Reply

    Simply stunning and a wonderful story -board of the adventure by the coast .

  62. confessions-of-a-nomad May 31, 2013 at 12:04 pm - Reply

    Oh wow I just love these photos! Amazing. What fantastic shots of the bear, so close! And the sunset colours are gorgeous.

  63. Dev!l June 1, 2013 at 2:42 pm - Reply

    Just love the air choke photo! Reminded me of Star Wars =D

  64. Alexander Atkins June 1, 2013 at 3:50 pm - Reply

    Another fantastic photographic journey. With photos like this, who needs words? Cheers. Alex

  65. maureenjenner June 2, 2013 at 2:52 am - Reply

    One picture tells a story, you’ve manged an encyclopedia – well almost! Thanks for sharing.

  66. chrisb-jwordsandimages June 2, 2013 at 11:05 am - Reply

    Great photos and travel stories.

  67. Janet June 3, 2013 at 10:23 am - Reply

    Fabulous images! You have a wonderful gift for visual story telling. Thanks for following my new blog, will be back often to check out your work.

  68. victoriadougherty June 3, 2013 at 11:16 am - Reply

    Nice. And thanks for following my blog, Cold.

  69. Kati June 3, 2013 at 3:20 pm - Reply

    These are ridiculously awesome shots. Thanks for sharing that beautiful Oregon coastline!

  70. Uschi June 4, 2013 at 4:01 pm - Reply

    I love the Oregon Coast – great pictures!

  71. Margaret Grant June 6, 2013 at 11:33 am - Reply

    Gorgeous photos – I enjoyed this so much! Can smell the salt spray…

  72. figsandtwigs June 11, 2013 at 9:16 am - Reply

    Oh the “vadering” photo is my fave LOL

  73. gthecoolest June 14, 2013 at 12:49 pm - Reply

    sounds like a great trip to the coast. Enjoy!

  74. Zen Greenway June 17, 2013 at 2:11 pm - Reply

    I continue to live vicariously through your photos.

    • Zen Greenway June 17, 2013 at 2:29 pm - Reply

      Just realized that could sound creepy. Didn’t mean it in a creepy way. Meant it in a “you take really great pictures” way!

  75. chelseajin June 18, 2013 at 7:14 am - Reply

    This set is pretty different from the rest of your hiking photos. Ahh–Why does the west side of the country seem more exciting?

  76. Nikki June 24, 2013 at 7:23 pm - Reply

    Thanks for looking at (and following!) my blog today. Your photos are AMAZING!! I am headed to the Olympic Peninsula at the end of the month and hope to get some beach pictures. I’d be happy if they are half as good as yours! ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. merrill June 24, 2013 at 9:49 pm - Reply

    My family has a place just south of Lincoln City. One of my favorite places on earth! – never thought about surfing there until now. Thank you for the inspiration! Beautiful photos, I need to get out there soon.

  78. feefotopip June 25, 2013 at 11:49 am - Reply

    Wow! Amazing pictures.

  79. Son of Sharecroppers June 25, 2013 at 3:19 pm - Reply

    Great, great essay! I lived in and around Eugene for ten years and went to the Oregon coast often–but I never got photos as beautiful as yours! Thanks!

  80. Ama July 7, 2013 at 9:59 pm - Reply

    Love this beach. but the cold oceans sent me back east. beautiful as always.

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  82. binvested October 8, 2014 at 7:51 pm - Reply

    Your work never ceases to amaze me!!!

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