Burning Man 2014

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“Burning Man is a week-long annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, in the United States. It takes its name from the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy, which is set alight on Saturday evening. The event is described as an experiment in community, art, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance”

My 2013 Burning Man Pictures

_D5A5075 _D5A5088 _D5A4967 _D5A5093 _D5A5124 _D5A5147-2 _D5A5211 _D5A5226 _D5A5308 _D5A5311 _D5A5327 _D5A5343 _D5A5424-Edit _D5A5493 _D5A5510 _D5A5532 _D5A5580 _D5A5589 _D5A5648 _D5A5661 _D5A5723 _D5A5831 _D5A5846 _D5A5860 _D5A5901 _D5A5983 _D5A6006 _D5A6033 _D5A6042 _D5A6062 _D5A6070-2 200 people ran up with a red carpet and laid it out as soon as someone went into one of the porta potties. They then waited until they came out and surprised them with cheering and music. _D5A6126 _D5A6161 _D5A6171 _D5A6206 _D5A6235 _D5A6249 _L7C1027 _L7C1046-Edit _L7C1059 _L7C1074 _D5A6317 _D5A6388 _L7C1140 _D5A6561 _D5A6567 _D5A6590 _L7C1142-Edit-2 _L7C1179 _L7C1183 _L7C1185 _L7C1244 _L7C1253 _L7C1268 _L7C1331 _L7C1348 _L7C1394 _L7C1412-Edit _L7C1425 _D5A6634 _L7C1448 _L7C1488 _L7C1498-Edit _L7C1505 _L7C1579-Edit _L7C1604 _L7C1750-Edit _L7C1786-Edit _L7C1792-2 _L7C1826 _L7C1872 _L7C1897 _L7C1920 _L7C2191