Getting Lost on the Way to Eiffel Peak AKA Wenkchemna Pass

Getting Lost on the Way to Eiffel Peak AKA Wenkchemna Pass

Location: Alberta, CanadaParticipants: Michelle Wong, Jacob, Sophie Sweatman, Jimmy Quigley, Jeremy Stroman, Julian Tejada, Leanne Christianson, Jacqueline Cornish, Patrick Latter Time: 6 Hours Weather: 15°C - 20°C Elevation Gain: 750m Max Elevation: 2611m Start Time: 7:30am


Take Highway 1 from Calgary and turn left at the Lake Louise exit. Then follows the signs for Moraine Lake.


  • Hiking Boots
  • Food
  • Water
  • Shell
  • Warm fleece
  • Gaiters

Camera Gear Used:


The trailhead begins at the beautiful Moraine Lake.


After making your way up the switchback you reach a junction for Larch Valley. It is here we made the mistake of following the path to the left to Eiffel lake, hoping it would be where the trail would began for Eiffel Peak. We found out later that we should have continued on to the right towards Larch Valley. Despite the mistake we still ended up hiking along the amazing "Valley of the Ten Peaks".

There was a little snow left but with a path worn in, it wasn't too much trouble. Hard to believe that snow is still left in Mid July!


Looking up at Eiffel Peak as we pass it on the left. This is when we realized we had made a mistake and were on the wrong side of the mountain.


As we continued on we reached Eiffel Lake at the base of the mountain. With not enough time to correct our mistake, we decided to hike up to Wenkchemna Pass in the distance instead.


Stopping to have a quick bite to eat at the base of the pass and looking back at Eiffel Peak. It's the block shaped mountain top to the far right.


Once we reached the top of the pass we took some group photos. *Foreshadowing* Notice the bear warning to the lower right...



Just as we finished taking this photo we heard some shouting and turn around to see this grizzly just STROLL right by us! Paying zero attention to us and then heading back down the other side of the pass.



Once the bear was out of sight we headed back down into the valley. This time taking the easy way down.





Near the bottom of the snow slope we spotted some prints from the Grizzly we had just seen.


Once at the base of the pass we began to make our way back through the valley.


Back at the trail head a few of us decided to go for a very, VERY short swim in the glacial waters of Moraine Lake.