Mount Lady MacDonald

Attempt date: September 22nd, 2012Start time: 7:10am Completion time: 6 hours Elevation gain: 1200m (3,937 ft)

Participants:  Sarah Mclean, Patrick Latter


From the Canmore centre drive on the 1A south to Elk Run Boulevard and turn left. There will be a paved parking lot on your left; park here.


  • Food
  • Water
  • Warm fleece
  • Hiking boots
  • Thermal underwear
  • Gaiters
  • Gloves


The trail starts on a paved bike trail that changes to gravel and follows the creek towards Mount Lady MacDonald.

Looking back down the trail, there was a fantastic view of the '3 sisters'.

Despite the unseasonably warm weather, the signs of fall were there as we made our way up the trail.

Once you reach about the 80% point, there is an abandoned construction project that includes a helipad and half built tea house. We stopped and took a few photos of some guys using the spot as launching point for paragliding.

After they all had taken off we took a break on the helipad and some lunch.

After lunch, we made our way up the final ridge towards the summit. From here it is more of a scramble and you need to use your hands at some points.

The final ridge walk is a little daunting because of the exposure on either side, but as long as you stay low and use your hands, it's not too bad. You can see the helipad and tea house in the bottom right of the next photo.

Happy 2 years Sarah <3