Grotto Mountain

Location: Alberta, CanadaParticipants: Jimmy Quigley, Patrick Latter Time: 7 Hours Weather: -10°C


From Calgary take the Trans-Canada Highway to Canmore. There follow signs to The Alpine Club of Canada. More road detail to follow. Check in with the folks at the ACC before parking in the Clubhouse parking lot. The space is limited so guest will have first rights. You can park further down the road if the lot is full.


  • Hiking Boots
  • Food
  • Water
  • Warm ski jacket
  • Warm fleece
  • Warm socks (or 2 layers of socks)
  • Toque
  • Snow-pants or gaiters
  • Gloves

Camera Gear Used:





The hike begins at the alpine club and it isn't long until you have a great view of the mountains across the valley. We started the hike at 6:45am, which was early enough to get an amazing red glow touching the opposing mountain tops.


A closer view of the 3 sisters. From left to right, the little sister, the middle sister and the big sister. I'd like to hike 2 of 3 this summer.


It was relatively easy going for the first 2/3rds. Some of the snow had begun to melt and there was well defined trail in the snow.



Once we broke through the tree line the snow quickly deepened as we hugged the left ridge.



We loved grotto for the fact that that it's basically a very long ridge walk to the summit. Great views the whole way!






We stopped to grab some lunch and take some pictures at the summit. We didn't stay long as there was very strong cold wind coming over the top and no where to gain shelter from it.




Turns out Lucha Libre masks make for amazing wind breaks.


Heading back down was easy going as we just traced back our recently placed footsteps in the snow.




Jimmy risking his life for another photo op.