Surfing Off the Coast of Oregon

Surfing Off the Coast of Oregon

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Oregon Map


With the Oregon coast 15 hours away from Calgary we left after work Thursday night to arrive around noon the following day.


We stayed in the small beach town Lincoln City for the next 3 days.



The latest trend in joke photos: 'Vadering'. You have one person jump as high as they can and pretend to be choked Darth Vader style.


Pretty sure we had clam chowder about 5 different times over the next 3 days. Including one that came in an amazing sour dough bread bowl.



The next morning we had an experiment out of sheer laziness of not wanting to carry our surfboards down the stairs. Is it possible to lower it off the balcony...? Yes, yes it is.

_L7C3659    _L7C3659

_L7C3659    _L7C3659

Once we had the truck loaded up we headed 30 mins North to 'Pacific City' to surf.





There is a huge sandy hill on the North end of the beach and gives a great view of the beach looking South. Your even able to drive you vehicle right up onto to the beach!



With the water a balmy 53ºF (12ºC) we needed full wet suits that were 5.4mm thick and that also included boots. It was actually pretty amazing how well the wet suits worked. Apart from that first few waves that hit you in the face, it's actually quite comfortable after a few minutes.




A sea of floating ninjas.









At the end of the day I walked the beach at sunset and took some photos.




On the drive back we stopped for some amazing chicken and waffles.


Nearing the end of highway 93 we spotted a young bear on the side of the road.