Mount Indefatigable


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Location: Alberta, Canada Participants: Jeff Trudel, Ian Grant, Olivia Golosky, Paige Sorger, Patrick Latter Time: 5 Hours Weather: 15°C Elevation Gain: 1000m Max Elevation: 2670m Start Time: 10:00am


Head to the KananaskisLakes on highway 40. The trail starts at the upper Kananaskis INTER-LAKES parking lot. Head up the north trail and cross the concrete bridge. The trail head starts less than 100 M from the bridge (your first right). The trail head is a bit overgrown and has large rocks blocking it. Once you get past it it opens up and is very well maintained.


  • Hiking Boots
  • Food
  • Water
  • Shell
  • Warm fleece
  • Gaiters
  • Gloves


_D5A3760 _D5A3752 _D5A3749 _D5A3738While the trail has been decommissioned, it is still very popular. We were a large group and multiple bear sprays with us. _D5A3789 _D5A3776 _D5A3790 _D5A3793 _D5A3828 _D5A3802 _D5A3831 _D5A3874 _D5A3855 _D5A3895 _D5A3958 _D5A3925 _D5A3995 _D5A3974 _D5A3969 _D5A4087 _D5A4071 _D5A4054 _D5A4182Camera tilt for dramatic effect ;) _D5A4145 _D5A4093 _D5A4192 _D5A4248 _D5A4237 _D5A4273 _D5A4349 _D5A4331Paige's first moose sighting!! _D5A4397 _D5A4391