Keyhole Hot Springs

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"Keyhole Hot Springs(sometimes called Pebble Creek Hot Springs) is located 100 kilometres from Whistler(Village Gate Blvd). Though most of the 100k is on logging roads, it is drivable by most cars without any trouble. The massive Innergex hydroelectric project is well underway in the area, turning a once quiet wilderness into a war-zone. On the plus side, the old logging roads near Keyhole Hot Springs are now well maintained and smooth. 2014 saw the permanent closing of the old hot springs trail and a new trail built. The Lillooet River Trail, with its own trailhead parking, small sign and permanent outhouse, now marks the start of the route to Keyhole Hot Springs. The new trail is 2 kilometres long and moderately challenging as it skirts the rugged terrains along the Upper Lillooet River. There are at least two amazing areas along the trail perfect for camping along the river."

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Tavi had to walk out into a few large puddles formed on the road by the heavy rain to test if they were shallow enough to drive through. _L7C9389 ...they were. _L7C9404-2 _L7C9442-Edit _L7C9489 _L7C9529 _L7C9542 _L7C9567 _L7C9590 _L7C9594 _L7C9681-2 The trail had us walk under a large waterfall by hugging the cliff side wall. _L7C0215 _L7C9682-2 _L7C9726 Too wet to start a fire and roast marshmallows? _L7C9730-3 There were 4 different pools the size of small hot tubs that varied in temperature from warm to so hot we couldn't even enter. _L7C0048-Edit _L7C9707 With the ice cold river right next to the springs you could jump in and cool down any time you liked. _L7C9812 _L7C9824 _L7C9889 _L7C9919-2 _L7C9944 _L7C0086-2 _L7C0104 _L7C0185